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MISE: On the Future of Food

MISE: Issue 01

MISE: Issue 01

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Mise transports you to the future of food with four scenarios that are as insightful and eye-opening as they are plausible.

These scenarios depict potential futures ranging from the year 2033 to 2067, examining the impact of critical factors like generative AI, regenerative versus degenerative agriculture, health and wellness influencers and more. 

With dynamic snapshots of the future paired with personal stories of the people who live there, Mise reveals the global and intimate implications of our food system in the coming decades.

The artfully rendered scenarios challenge everyday eaters and the food and agriculture industry to think deeper, imagine more vividly, and prepare more effectively to create a more favorable future of food.

Embrace the opportunity to think more ambitiously about tomorrow. With Mise, you're not just reading about the future; you're preparing to shape it. 


What is Mise?

Beyond a Trend Report: Mise transcends the typical trend report format and instead offers a more fundamental examination of underlying systems change in food and agriculture. Mise is focused on having foresight for transformational shifts in the food system, not trying to predict the next wave of food fads. 

Enhancing Action With Foresight: By envisioning scenarios of how our current food system could change the world in 10-50 years, it gives us the insight necessary to better understand the long-term ramifications of our choices today. Each scenario includes recommendations on what eaters and the industry can do to today to help us move toward more favorable future outcomes.

Global, Yet Intimate: The global food system is dauntingly large and complex, yet the act of eating is as small and intimate as it gets. To create systemic change in food, one must have a deep understanding of how things that happen on a massive scale interact with the simple, everyday act of eating.


    What’s Inside?

    The Format: 204 pages of content with over 100 AI generated images. The book is designed to transport you to a future world with imagery and advertisements that paint a picture of what the average person of the future might see in their daily life. It’s like you hopped in a time machine to the future and brought a magazine back with you.

    The Topics: Food and agriculture don’t exist in a vacuum. So the four scenario chapters depict how societal, technological, economic, environmental, and political factors combine to affect food. Mise explores topics such as generative AI, regenerative agriculture, ESG investing, political divisiveness, ultra processed foods, health and wellness influencers, precision nutrition, and more.

    The Takeaways: After each scenario, you’ll find discussion notes, links to research literature, recommended actions, and resources to inspire proactive steps today towards a better tomorrow. Even though Mise looks far into the future, it’s all done in service of giving new perspectives on how people in food should act today. 


    Who's it For?

    Industry Leaders and Innovators: If you're in the food and agriculture sector and aiming to shape the future of food, Mise offers the depth, foresight, and creativity to inspire better innovation today.

    Future Forward Thinkers: Anyone interested in the future of our world, especially how food intersects with technology, society, and environment, will find Mise a thought-provoking read.

    Everyday Eaters: Food is one of the only products in human history to have 100% customer adoption. Everyone eats, so you don’t have to work in food or agriculture to have a role in shaping its future. We are all a part of the food system and deserve to know where it’s going.



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